Human Intersect

Chuck Bass?
this is Chuck Bartowski.
who is he?
what so special about him?

at first I'm watching this movie I didn't expect too much.
I just want to laugh on their stupid joke.
and it's going on very well.

well, just look on his funny-nerd face.
without do nothing, he can made us laugh.
plus, all his colleague in the workplace, BuyMore.
who is nonsense and annoying sometimes.
especially his best friends, Morgan.
his beard being done as a joke, dude.
just like Earl Hickey with his mustache.

to attract some attention of audience to this drama series.
here she comes,
agent Sarah Walker.
damn hot blond bitch as Chuck's cover girlfriends
a.k.a CIA agent.

accompany Sarah,
there are damn cold-heart guy namely;
agent John Casey.
a.k.a NSA agent.
he surely like to show his fierce face,
and roar like a tiger in many times,
but sometimes it's funny when see him like that.

this both two agent has one duty. one mission.
to protect Chuck Bartowski.
scroll down.

this story begin with the appearance of agent Bryce Larkin.
he is the main character why this story is started.
he download an intersect,
the high technology with biggest government secret to some device.
but before he's dead,
he's send that files to the Chuck,
his roommate from Stanford.

when Chuck open his email,
his life is beginning to change.
his brain downloaded all images that sent by Bryce.
and made him as;
Human Intersect.
the only source of all government secret database.

then his life change, to become :
Spy Agent.
the most valuable asset of both organization (CIA+NSA).
the government top-secret keep in his head drive him crazy.
flashing to random guy who are threat of the country.
then here we are.
the beginning of this story.

this story is different from any spy story you ever watch before.
it's more to the funny story of spy-agent-who-actually-not-a-real-spy.
from who is another Nerd-Herd in BuyMore to the hero-of-the-day.

and I admit that.
the plot of this story become more interesting when you reach season 2.
and I never expected this story would be this awesome!

well, you will be excited to be a spy agent after watch this drama.
with the excitement and adventurous waiting for you.
but for me it's not good enough compare to the real life.
because you need to let go of your family, girlfriend, friends, social life,
and whatever personal life that you are looking for.

you need to lie every time and every second of your life.
pretend to be someone that you're not.
because that is your job.
to protect the world.

I had read somewhere about the spy job.
this is actually one from job which offer you high salary.
if you find for adventurous and excitement job.
and if you are alone, miserable and ready to feel like that for your entire life,
this is the job that you're looking for.

and hey,
be careful dude.
maybe your best friends who you trust so much.
is a spy agent.
who knows, huh?