The Freaking Cool Stuff

As far you concerned, I'm a newbie in my workplace. And since my silence could become a problem to make new friends in here, there is something on me that could attract others to start conversation. This 'something' could be describe in photo below:

The first question that would distract your mind, how to read this watch? or is this really a watch?? yeah, sure dude. but to read on, you need some skills. Maths skill huh? First thing what should you do is hit the button before you could tell me what the time rite now.

clue: left row - hour, right row- minutes. it's 11.33 o'clock. :)

This stuff currently replace the existing typically watch with those digit number or needle, by the amazing light and color, more known as LED watch. This fashionable watch would make you different and surely take attention from strangers. Their curiosity will take over their mind and finally begin a conversation with me. And then I will try explain to them how to read this kind of watch for sure. That's how you could make a group of new friends from here. :)

Recently I'm buying another LED watch from internet. Though the price is quite expensive, the satisfaction that I get is paid since what I dream on finally comes true. This is one from the coolest watch I ever had. Come here to take a close look of my new watch; Shinshoku! :)

You don't even realize it's actually a watch since physically look similar with a bangle. How cool is that?

Maybe it's difficult to read the time, but hell yeah, I don't really care. As long it's look nice on me. Haha. :D