Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award
- She loves to tag me, as My Dato'
- She loves to update her blog by many entry, in one time.
- She just finish her practical training, and currently enjoy her holiday in a short time.
- She loves cats.
- She will share same faculty with me, in next semester.

List down 10 interesting facts about yourself of your hobbies
- I loves art, but never good with it. I never get A for art subject either in primary or secondary school. Either my drawing suck, or my colouring suck, or both of them suck, until I doesn't even know what actually image appear on my paper.
- Start to learn swimming when someone claimed me she loves beach and sea, but she doesn't know how to swim, neither do I. Who will rescue her if anything's happen? Then I start learn to swim with my friend, just when final exam around the corner.
- Blogging is another hobby, but it more to the to-do-list in my day. Never complete my day if doesn't read any entry from bloggers that I follow.
- I loves to dream. Not sleep, but dreaming. I'm always plan before doing something, and when I planned about that, I'll dreaming about that how it should be going on. Sometimes I doesn't have courage to do it, but sometimes I have. Of course I will dissapointed if it doesn't happen according to my plan, but we just planned, God decide for us.
- Singing at loudspeaker? It's a nice place to release tension!
- Loves pornography photography, but not creative enough to become photographer. Still, hopefully can own DSLR camera one day!
- Football? Don't ask me.
- Loves shopping, but now I more prefer to the online shopping. More easy, more choice, more fast, and more cheap I think.
- Do you think have any people watch Spongebob Squarepants in Nickelodeon Channel for almost 100 times for the same episode? But, yeah, I am. Because that would be me!
- I like to write in full sentences either in message, email, facebook or blogspot. As you can see above.

Picks your 10 most deserving recipients and describe them
This is my award, why should I give anyone, huh?

this is what I get :

My first award in blogging world.
Thanks syafa! :)