The Perfect Masterpiece

Duuu du du du du duuu du du du du duuuu du du du du duuuu du du du du.
Looking back at last September,
Two years gone i can't remember,
When it all begin.

Liyana Fizi - Light Writing

WEEHOOO, finally I had received what i'm waiting for! Liyana Fizi's first album - Between The Lines! (mood: excited)

My comment: The rythm and music arrangement are awesome! Almost all of the song flows smoothly, slowly and steady. No rushing. Combination with her lovely voice slowly quaver my soul. Somehow I could feel her presence beside my seat singing a song for me with her warm smile.

By the way, you could purchase the album from her brand new official website at here.

p/s: i wish i could share the same stage with her musician team someday! ^^