My Life Turning Into 180 Degree

It just a matter of time, that my life will turning into 180 degree. Suddenly, everything changes, differently. And honestly, I didn't ready for this. I already have such wonderful life; everything I wish for, its been there. But life is always unpredictable, don't you think so? That's why we just plan, and God decide for us. We always have choice, but sometimes, I didn't seems to fuss over my choices and just follow the path that showed on the way.

It seems it my destiny to return back there, again. In the right time, actually. I didn't have class anymore, at least for this semester. Since then, I keep asking myself what the right decision should I made. It's hard being indecisive person, you know? Finally, I decide to challenge myself to do it. Seen my abilities to manage the time, although I always bad with it, almost the time. And yes, deep in my heart I scared to be there, again. Because the previous history, it always been there. Untouchable.

But no matter what, still, I had to faced this situation in another time either I'm ready for it or not. I need to get out from this pupa, to faced the real world. I can't always been here; the comfortable zone. And hey, I will try my best to do what I capable to, and no matter what the history or matter I should deal to. I accept it. Thanks for this opportunities, God. You know everything what best for me.

The vague road seems more clearer and brighter than before. Although there is still long journey to go through, and this is only a beginning, I know there is many challenges waiting for me on the front, but no matter what, I need to faced it maturely.

Good luck to me. Welcome to the new world, the workplace. Nusajaya, I'm coming back.

This is the place; where its all begin. The blogging world. The inception.