The Southern Most Tip Of Mainland Asia

Do you plan to have any little trip during this weekend?
Plan to escape from stress of work and study?

Here my suggestion.
How bout you spend some of your precious time.
To the "The Southern Most Tip Of Mainland Asia"?
Or more known as; Tanjung Piai.

Located on South of Johor.
Around 75.2 km from Skudai.
Take around 1 hour to reach there.

Google Map : (a) Skudai , (b) Tg. Piai

Make sure you follow the signboard of "Tanjung Piai National Park".
If not maybe you'll blame me and dissappointed.
Because nothing interesting in place called "Tanjung Piai" actually.

But what waiting you at there?
This is what i want to share with you guys.

When you reach your destination.
You need to pay RM3 for carpark.
and some fee entrance per person.

Don't worry.
It's not expensive.
RM5 : adult, RM3 : under 18
For Non-Malaysians, the fee is different.

But i'm student.
Just need to pay RM3 per person.
Funny when staff there doesn't believe one from my friend still student.
until he show his student card.

First thing you will see in this place.
This is the biggest rock in Asia i think. heheh.

Then, you will need walk along this :

(i don't know what to call this thing actually. bridge?)

Left and right is "paya bakau"
And any other aquatic species live there.

After a few minutes you walk.
You will reach here.
Jeti Tanjung.
My favorite place in here!

It's so peaceful at here.
Cold breeze blows to your face.
Relax your mind and body.

Hey what's that?
Directions to other country.
Which one you dream to go?

I'm taking almost my little time at here,
To rest and enjoy the precious view.
Before i continue my journey.
Don't forget to tell your friends.
Don't call or message you when you here.
Because now you in other country,

Your phone line will automatic change when you here.
RM2 per message, RM2.50 per minute for call.
Dare to try? ;p

Then, i continue my journey to the "The Southern Most Tip Of Mainland Asia"
But hey, it's long way to take.
You need to walk around 330 meter to reach there.
So make sure you have enough stamina before go here.
Before reach there i visit an observer tower.

And before i forgot.
There are also some fishing port for anybody want try their luck in here.
Maybe some rare fish live here?

And don't forget to bring anything to protect yourself.
From some group of security guard in this area.
Or they known as,

Damn, they looked at me like they never eat their whole lifetime.
Scary, but interesting experience for me!

Here we are.
Now you at:
"The Southern Most Tip Of Mainland Asia"

For your information,
You can buy certificate to recognize you have reach in this place.
For RM5 per adult.
and RM3 for me (Student Price).
There are many advantages to become student!

The staff there say no certificate available that time.
So, next time i'll definitely come again here.

Not just for certificate.
But the place itself.
Make me want to come for second time.
Wait for me!

p/s : Where is the northeast most tip of mainland in Asia? Any idea?