this story is about doctor's life.

who is called as "manipulative bastard".
who addicted with painkiller known as vicodine.

he's damn good.
he's always right.
he's genius.
he's really crazy~ =)

what i get from this story :

"everybody's lie"
yeah. it's true.
lie for themselves.
their own interest.
or to protect others.
or any other reason that we don't know.

some of them maybe not lie to other people.
but lying to themselves.

become a doctor doesn't means they become a healer.
so don't expect when you go to clinic or hospital, you will get better.

every treatment is experiment.
doctor is us.
they doesn't know what exactly happen in our body.
they doesn't even know either disease that they think or guess is the one they should treat.
they actually just guess based on symptoms.
oh, not guess i think.
its more to the "make assumptions".
doesn't it look exactly same?

and then.
they done their experiment.
to the patient.
they test blood.mri.biopsy.ct scan.and bla bla bla.
to make sure what they guess is true!
or for get the answer of the puzzle.

i learn so many things about medic in this story.
some med words-mri,seizure,biopsy,v-fib,tox screen,bla bla bla.

i so love metaphors being use by him.
all the time!

for med student or anyone who sooooo passion to become a DOCTOR one day,
you should watch this drama.

and maybe you will reconsider again about your dreams later~

what i can say is,
yeah, this is the job you looking for if u like to see some stranger smiling to you,
and say.
"thank you".

and yes.
it's all about a person called Dr Gregory House.
its House M.D.